Foot Star 2 Inch Massage Ball by Body Back Company – Plantar Fasciitis Foot Massager & Travel Accessories for Myofascial Tension Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Stress & Pain Relief in Feet & Hands

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Soothe the muscle pains on your feet and hands with the Body Back Co. Foot Star – Pain and Spasm Reliever. This chic massager may be small to the eye but it provides big relief to your hands, feet and other body areas.

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. The muscles in your feet go weak and become inflamed. It may be because you wear the wrong shoe size or stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Massaging the balls and heels of your feet after walking or exercise helps in preventing tears or swelling in your muscles. A therapeutic massage can greatly improve your health according to physical therapists. Shiatsu massage is one massage form that can help get your blood flows better to your muscles. Massaging helps your muscles to be more flexible. This is a great way to treat plantar fasciitis.

Ideal for everyone, the Foot Star has non-intrusive spikes that help in adding pressure to your trigger points. There are countless reflexology points on our feet, and our massager can spark all of these points.

Its unique size allows you to zero in on troubled areas such as forearms, calves and hamstrings. There is no difficult place that cannot be reached by our product.

You can use our product at the office, gym, and home. If you constantly use the computer, you may frequently experience pain in your forearms and wrists. Get your muscles relaxed with the Foot Star. Because it is ultra-small and lightweight, you can bring it in your office. Athletes’ muscles also become sore after a workout or competition. Our product is perfect in helping muscles recover faster by stimulating the movement of oxygen and nutrients. Homemakers often stand for long periods in the kitchen or backyard. Even at home, your feet will feel pain if you stand on a hard surface. Relax your muscles with our miracle ball.

Cure your plantar fasciitis and muscle pains with the Body Back Co. Foot Star today

  • AFFORDABLE PLANTAR FASCIITIS TREATMENT- There are countless times when we experience heel pain after a long day. One common cause is plantar fasciitis. Unknowingly, we strain our plantar fascia with how long we stand, walk or run on a hard surface. The Body Back Co. Foot Star is a great alternative treatment to your foot pain.
  • BRING ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE- The Foot Star is small enough to pack in your duffel bag or purse. Bring it with you at the school, office or gym. You can conveniently massage your feet, calves, and forearms before working. What’s more, our product includes a reflexology card so you can easily read which areas you’ll be targeting.
  • PREVENT MUSCLE INJURY- Before a workout, massage your body with the Foot Star. It allows your muscles to warm up and stretch out. In addition, after an extensive workout massage your muscles again. It helps alleviate any soreness. Our product can help you from getting any muscle injury or spasm.
  • FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY- Even when you’re just at home or office, there are times your muscle get sore. It becomes too difficult for you to move a limb especially after a long day. That’s because your muscles lacks oxygen from the stagnant position. With the Foot Star your blood flows better to your muscles. It generates oxygen and nutrients. It results to quicker muscle recovery.
  • CHEAP SHIATSU MASSAGE- Known as a form of “healing touch,” the Shiatsu massage is a popular alternative medicine for physical therapists. According to them, the correct massage form can improve your health. The Foot Star stimulates your muscles, joints and blood. Body Back offers a more affordable and convenient way for you to experience the healing touch.

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