4GEAR Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Recovery Kit – 9 Pack- Foot Compression Sleeves, Heel Protectors, Cushioned Arch Support Wraps & Inserts, Foot Massage Ball- Instruction Guide Included (S/M)

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4GEAR Foot Relief & Recovery Kit
-the perfect collection in the market for plantar fasciitis, edema, heel spurs & other foot pains.
We only consider the needs of our customers, therefore we exclusively designed this 5 in 1 bundle pack to provide fast relief and recovery of foot pains to help you to stand and walk freely.

Why choose 4GEAR Foot Relief & Recovery Kit?
-The most comprehensive kit provides you the most relief

The foot compression sleeves
-have graduated 20-30 mmHg of pressure compression
-Strong protection at ankle and foot to prevent sprains & twists
-Reduce risk of injuries during tough workouts
-Increase blood circulation & reduce inflammation
-Reduce & recovery from plantar fasciitis and other foot pains
-Thin, breathable and moisture wicking fabric allow to wear them with any shoes or under socks
-Fully elastic design is unobtrusive for everyday use without restrict any motion

Foot Spiky Massage Ball
– Roll away those deep muscle knots & helps you get deep tissue massage
-Increase blood circulation & relief foot pains
– Great for muscle soreness of entire body, stimulate muscles pre and post workout

Silicone Gel Heel Protectors & Cushioned arch supports & Silicone Arch Support Cushions
– Absorbing shocks and shear forces
– Promote balance and body alignment
– Effectively correct flat feet and knock knees
– Reduce the discomfort, offer instant pain relief

About 4GEAR:
4GEAR is a professional and booming company. We put all efforts in manufacturing and providing premium quality of products for everyone. If you have any concerns about quality and customer service, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do everything we can to solve your problem. Enjoy Sporting with 4GEAR!

  • BEST FOOT RELIEF & RECOVERY KIT- Our 5 in 1 bundle pack is exclusively designed to provide fast relief from plantar fasciitis pain, expedite the recovery from edema and heel spurs, and reduce swelling and soreness in the foot, ankle and lower leg. Helps you to stand and walk freely. This kit includes foot compression sleeves(pair), cushioned arch supports(pair), silicone gel heel protectors(pair), silicone arch support cushions(pair), foot spiky massage ball and instruction guide
  • GRADUATED COMPRESSION- The foot sleeves apply 20-30 mmHg of pressure compression to your feet, increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. They also provide strong protections at ankles and feet to prevent injuries during workout and speed muscle recovery after rigorous activities. The open toe, fully elastic and snug fit design without any restrict motion allowing men and women wear these sleeves while walking or exercising
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE FABRIC (75% Nylon + 25% Spandex) -The foot sleeves are thin, breathable and moisture wicking. The inner texture of the sleeves are also soft and cozy. You can wear them all day with any shoes (sandals, boots, slippers, sneakers, heels) or even under any socks. They will provide ankle support and stay dry even through toughest workouts. Available in sizes for men and women, please refer our size chart and find the best size for you
  • ALL FOR FAST PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY-The silicone gel heel protectors provide complete heel protectors by absorbing shocks and shear forces. The cushioned arch supports and silicone arch supports promote balance and body alignment. The spiky massage ball can roll away deep muscle knots in your foot, increase circulation, helps you get tissue massage and relief your foot pains. We only provide high quality products and 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
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