【Limited Promotion】Foot Massager with Heat Shiatsu Neuropathy Foot Massager Machine Kneading Therapy Feet Massage for Plantar Fasciitis and Tired Feet

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We strive to deliver the best in home massage systems, but we don’t stop there. With this portable yet powerful multi mode foot massager machine with adjustable massage modes and switchable heat you’ll be able to enjoy spa grade massages in your own home. Enjoy a soothing massage, and promote healthy blood flow with a touch of a button. 

Product Features:
-The foot massager produce the best acupressure and kneading massage to focus on the pressure points and soothe the tired muscles,allowing better blood circulation.
– Two independent foot massage beds with 18 massage nodes deliver an invigorating and soothing massage and improve healthy blood flow.
-The massage machine is designed with a large,toe-operated power button.You don’t need to get up from your relaxing position to turn on the machine on or off.

Our massagers never tire, so sit back relax and take your time.

Specs & Details 
– Product: 39*35.5*12.5cm
– Weighs: 3.45kg

How to Use:
1. Find a comfortable seat and place your bare feet on the unit.
2. Turn on the machine using your finger/toe.
3. Press the power button to activate the foot massager.
4. Press the power button again to activate the heat button when you need.
5. Enjoy it.

Warm Tips:
▶Please wipe the massager with neat and mildly damp cloth to keep the massager clean.
▶If your think the massager is too hard, try to place a towel in between your feet and the massager. When you get used to the pressure, you can remove the towel for better experience.
▶We recommend you not massage the same areas of your body for more than two consecutive cycles (half an hour), because the friction may hurt your skin.
▶People with serious heath problems (such as heart diseases, myalgic encephalopathy, fibromyalgia) should consult a professional doctor before using the massager.

  • 【Deep Kneading Massaging Nodes】– The Shiatsu foot massager features a total of eighteen deep penetrating massaging nodes, specially designed to hit the main spots and acupuncture points in your feet. Relax tight muscles, ease tension and promote blood circulation.
  • 【Optional Heat】– Our shiatsu electric foot massager machine features an optional infrared heat.Turning on the heating function during the massage can help further melt away tension and relieve muscle spasm and pain.The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles in your foot for ultimate comfort.
  • 【Toe-touch Control】– This shiatsu foot massager with heat designed with a one-button control for simple, so you don’t need to bend down just to turn on the rolling foot massager. You can access the power button and set its mode by just simply touching it using your toes to turn on/off or set heat therapy of the naipo shiatsu kneading massage.
  • 【Humanized Design】– Our massager has a large platform design to accommodate people feet of all sizes.Anyone with any shoe size can enjoy this triple action shiatsu foot massager.
  • 【Rest Your Feet Anytime Anywhere】– The deep-kneading shiatsu foot massager is portable and versatile to keep it under the bed,sofa,or into any closet after use.Using it while watching TV,reading,working,or just relaxing.

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