Miko Foot Massager Reflexology Machine with Shiatsu Massage Settings, Vibration, Kneading, Heat and Adjustable Bar for Feet, Ankles, Calf, Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Tired Muscles

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Miko ®

We strive to deliver the best in home massage systems, but we don’t stop there. With this portable yet powerful multi mode foot, ankle, and calf massager with adjustable air pressure, vibration and heat functions you’ll be able to enjoy spa grade massages in your own home. Enjoy a light or deep massage with kneading or vibrations at the touch of a button. With the Miko Shiatsu foot massager you have the ability to personalize your massage with our various settings.
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Miko ®

We spare no expense in the research, development, and production phases of our products. This means we provide our valuable customers with the absolute best quality items, far superior than our competitors.

  • Two Independent Massage Chambers Carefully And Luxuriously Melt your Feet, Ankles, And Calves’ Stress Away
  • With 5 Levels of Air Pressure Strength, Your New Foot Massager Will Cater To Your Needs And Massage Preferences
  • 3 Kneading and Rolling Modes Ensure Full Customization Of Your Massage Specific To Your Needs And Desires
  • 360 Degree Rotation Allows You To Choose Between A Luxurious Foot And Ankle Massage, Or An Outstanding Calf Massage
  • Simplicity Is Bliss, With Easy Instructions And Simple Soft Touch Buttons, Ease Of Use Is A Main Priority For Us
  • Two Removable And Washable Massage Liners Allow You To Keep Your Massager Clean And Sanitary

Don’t Believe What We Say, Experience It For Yourself! It’s easy to put a few words together, but we believe our history means more than the words. From our excellent products to our world class customer service team, we work endlessly to ensure your satisfaction and to create an amazing experience for you. Our customers mean the world to us, and we will do anything in our power to show it. Dont believe us? try us!

  • Enjoy the soothing relief of the Miko reflexology foot massager right in your own home. Our medical grade massager will help relax those overused and tired muscles/tendons. Miko massage therapy will help increase blood flow and circulation for ultimate relief and recovery.
  • With multiple massage modes, vibration, kneading, and heat, your legs will feel reenergized for anything else that comes your way. The massager targets specific pressure points to get to those hard to reach areas. With the adjustable bar, the massager lets you decide which part of the legs to focus on. Massage your feet, legs, calves, ankles, toes, etc.
  • With multiple intensity levels, we recommend starting off at the lowest pressure setting and gradually increase the pressure. You may feel sore after use but thats how you know your legs are feeling the benefits.
  • The massager is equip with air compression bags to compress and squeeze those tender legs and help improve blood flow. Heat feature helps relax your muscles and ligaments so that the massager can sooth the aches in your legs.
  • If you are not fully satisfied with the Miko massager, we will refund or exchange the item for you. There is no risk to you. Join the thousands of customers that have experienced the benefits today!

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