HoMedics Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath with Heat | Vibration Massage, Acu-Node Surface, Heat Maintenance | Improves Circulation, Soothe Tired Muscles, Collapsible Tub for Easy Storage

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Since our beginnings in 1987, HoMedics has created, innovated and refined a remarkable line of personal wellness products to become the recognized #1 Brand in Massage. Our brand is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. We are proud to be a leading innovator in massage technology today.

The HoMedics Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath with Heat gives your feet a rejuvenating vibration massage. Acu-node surface provides a gentle foot massage as the heat further relaxes your feet. Relax your muscles and soothe your joints by adding Epsom salt to the tub.

Submerge your feet and ankles for a warming hydrotherapy massage. The foot pool features heat maintenance technology that helps the water stay warm throughout your entire salon-quality foot massage.

Don’t be embarrassed by your feet anymore! Get a spa-quality pedicure with this DIY foot bath. Rub your feet along the nodes on the inside of the basin to get rid of hard calluses. Incorporate a foot massage into your weekly routine to get baby-soft feet.

The Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath offers a convenient collapsible tub to store in a small space when not in-use. The built-in anti-collapsible and spill-proof feature ensures a safe and relaxing spa experience anywhere.

Your Collapsible Footbath is easy to clean and store. To clean, unplug the unit and empty the water. Allow it to cool before cleaning. Clean only with a soft, damp cloth and mild cleansing agent. To store, unplug the appliance from the outlet and allow to cool and dry. Store in a clean, dry place. To avoid breakage, do not wrap power cord around the unit. Do not hang the unit by the power cord.

Measures approximately 17.1 x 15.6 x 3.7 inches

  • ACU-NODE SURFACE: The Collapsible Foot Spa was designed with small, raised nodes on the inside of the water basin. Slide your feet back and forth over these massaging nodes to release pain and tension in your feet. This footbath will soothe your tired feet after a long day at work, or a difficult gym workout
  • SOOTHING HEAT: Do you stand on your feet all day? Give your tired, sore feet a well-deserved heated foot bath. Fill the pool with water and power it on to feel a heated massage. This spa features heat-maintenance technology ensuring your water stays warmer, longer. This basin is safe for use with Epsom salts for an added relaxation benefit
  • COLLAPSIBLE TUB: The Compact Pro Footbath features a collapsible tub. When not in use, collapse the tub to store it in small spaces. It is designed with an anti-collapsible feature that won’t collapse while filled with water. Its spill-proof feature ensures no messy water spills, especially when moving your unit
  • VIBRATION MASSAGE: The Collapsible Foot Spa can be plugged in and powered on to provide a revitalizing vibrating massage to your tired feet. While receiving this invigorating massage, rub your feet over the Acu-node surface to feel different massage sensations
  • WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX: One HoMedics Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath with Heat. One owner’s manual

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