Heel and Ankle Support,Pain Relief Kit,Plantar Fasciitis Socks(1 Pair), Foot Massager(1 Piece) by Dr.HeiZ

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Compression Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Support:
1.The socks made of special Micro Nylon and spandex blend means that it is not only lightweight and breathable, but also moisture wicking. leaving feet feeling fresh. Gel in side , help to reduce pressure and friction , shock absorption.

2.Gel heel socks provide support in the ankle area without restricting motion. It features targeted compression to support the ankle area which improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and expedites the healing process.

3.The socks fit comfortably under your socks and won’t restrict movement. Our high quality material is naturally soft and you will forget you even have them on. Good for plantar fasciitis and heel pain and ankle pain relief .Provide superior comfort graduated compression , and promote blood circulation

4.The Compression Foot Sleeve offers consistent compression throughout the sole of your foot to help alleviate arch and heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis Socks.

5.You’ll be able to enjoy exceptional ankle support while still maintaining your peak performance and full range of leg motion.

Foot Massager :
1.The arch massager can provide just what you need to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and aching feet.

2.Simply put your foot arch over the massager and allow the textured surface to provide a deep tissue massage.

3.Place it in the freezer for cold therapy, or warm it up in hot water for soothing heat.

4.It applied on whole body parts such as hand, foot, neck, shoulder, arm, back, waist, etc.

5.It can relieve nervous tension, promote blood circulation, so that you can easily enjoy the massage comfort, eliminate fatigue.

  • 3PCS:A pair of Compression Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Supports, and a Foot Massager
  • COMPRESSION PLANTAR FASCIITIS AND ANKLE SUPPORT: They are efficient to relieve plantar fasciitis, Heel Pain, Ankle Pain & Other Unsightly Foot Problems! Gel can strengthen the outer layer of the skin, regulate the water not to lose, promote the skin microcirculation, and effectively prevent aging.
  • FOOT MASSAGER: Designed to reduce pain from sore or tight muscles by applying physical therapy, deep tissue massage, acupressure, myofascial release, plantar fasciitis and reflexology. Portable, no battery in need
  • COVENIENT: Socks works while you rest or sleep, effective for months. Foot Massager relieves relieve yourself whenever you use it.
  • 100% risk free, satisfaction money back guarantee. ONLY WHEN PURCHASED FROM THE ORIGINAL SELLER (Dr.HeiZ)

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