Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, Foot Soaking Tub Features Vibration, Bubbles and LCD Screen for Adjusting Massage Modes to Soothe Tired Muscles with 6 Pressure Node Rollers Relieve Fatigue & Tens

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Enjoy the ultimate relaxation for your feet with Belmint Foot Spa with Heat and Massager

The Complete Resort Experience for Home

For the brave men and women who work tirelessly on their feet all day long, you can kick back and receive a relaxing spa retreat that helps unwind your body and soul, and recover from the hectic life of the daily grind. Belmint knows what you really need for soothing your tired muscles and even more, enjoy every moment as you feel great relief from tensions, swells, and stiff. Our Foot Bath Massager with Heat is a truly pampering appliance to have around as it is integrated with all the best features of acupressure, shiatsu, heat, hydrotherapy to revitalize your feet and improve your overall body condition.

All-in-One Pedicure Spa

With just the touch of a button, our multifunctional foot washer massager spa delivers a relaxing massage, bubble bliss and thermotherapy to your achy soles, heel, and toes. The multiple water jets create thousands of oxygenated bubbles to relieve pressure, athletes foot, burning sensation, plantar fasciitis, joint, and ligament pain. The integrated heat function along the bubble feature, you can benefit of improved blood flow and circulation as this may soften old calluses and hard areas of your feet so you can just easily cleanse dead skin and calluses on your feet and feel them like brand new.


  • User-Friendly LCD screen for easy navigation
  • Timing massage: up to 60 minutes
  • Features 3 different massage modes
  • Equipped with drain pipe for easy draining
  • Spa bubbles massage
  • Heating function up to 118F
  • Convenient wheels for easy movement

Save costly spa services and enjoy unconditional foot soak tub massage from home with Belmint Foot Soaking Tub.

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  • ★ ENJOY A ‘HOT JACUZZI’ EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR FEET – Foot spa with heat and massage and jets is equipped with PTC Heating semiconductor, our foot soaker feet massager warms the water up to 118°F in minutes. You can have enjoyed a nice luxury hot spa to help with swelling, redness, throbbing, and even soften hard areas of the feet. Your skin will be soft, your toenails will look fresher and softer to cut. Add essential oil for a nice foot soak and therapy!
  • ★ SPA BUBBLES JET MASSAGE TO HEAL FATIGUE – Turn on the bubble jet function to soothe plantar fasciitis and relax overworked feet. You can add a few drops of essential or some Epsom salt to enjoy a therapeutic spa massage for feet and get a fresh feeling for your feet
  • ★ EASY TRANSPORTATION ANYWHERE – Whether you want to sit back in your chair to read or watch TV or just relax on the sofa and do nothing, this foot tub pedicure spa features wheels to move it easily anywhere you need it. And when you want to change the water or store the machine, it has a drain pipe for easy draining
  • ★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Backed by unbeatable customer satisfaction, our product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure peace of mind. Either get a replacement or return it for a full refund; no questions asked
  • ★ RELAX OVERWORKED FEET AFTER A LONG DAY – Your feet have never looked or felt better once using this foot bath massager with heat! With 6 motorized pressure-node rollers, this heated foot massager machine is designed to provide a kneading massage to your tired and aching feet. This foot spa features 3 different massage modes that can be adjusted on the LCD screen and provide exceptional functions from heating to bubbles to improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and gain a softer skin

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