Callus Remover for Cracked Thick Dead Hard Skin,Rechargeable callus shaver with LED light and professional foot file pedicure kit and Heel Pain Relief Protectors.

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Haiyitong electric callus remover and Heel Pain Relief Protectors Make your feet healthier!
Removing callus between toes is often considered as the hardest part of pedicure care.
NO WORRIES ANY MORE with F-color callus remover! The easy grip design make it 30% smaller than other competitors,
much easier to remove callus from balls of feet and the sides between toes!Unique rollers grinding spins 360 degrees,
at an amazing 40 times a second,gently and effectively buff away hard,cracked,jagged skin on the heels,no pain and no injuries.

How to charging
Before using the appliance for the first time , or if it has not been used for quite a while, it should be charged for at least 4 hours.If fully charged you can use the appliance for 50 minutes.
Charging the appliance regularly for 4 hours but for no more than 8 hours.

Suggestions for use:
1.This Callous Remover is recommended for one person only. For hygienic reasons, unique rollers grinding should not be shared with others.
2.This Callous Remover is suitable for use on the feet and heels. Also working on hands but must be more careful when you use and do not use this device on the fragile skin or body.
3.Do not use on skin for more than 2-3 seconds at a time, or apply strong pressure.
4.The excess horny water will be softened after foot bath, you can figure out the useless dead skin and the protection skin clearly. (Dry the water of your feet before use).
5,Bath feet with clear water after grinding the dead skin,Wipe the amount of moisturizing cream, moisturizing the foot skin, make skin more tender white.
6. This electric foot filer is NOT WATERPROOF, please DO NOT wash the body of this appliance with water. ONLY rinse the roller head itself under running water for cleaning.

Package Includes:
1 *pair Heel Pain Relief Protectors
1 *Rechargeable Callus Remover
1 *Extra Roller Head
1 *Transparent Yarn Bag
1 *USB charging

  • 【Presented pair Heel Pain Relief Protectors】: gel protector remedy provide compression PROTECTION for your Plantar Fasciitis, prevents CRACKED heel, cushions and supports feet, absorb shock. Helps to alleviate pain from achilles tendonitis.
  • 【Rechargeable】: No need battery, you can use your computer or power bank to charge the tool, saved from replacing battery
  • 【LED Light】: The bright LED grooming light is used for locating and finding the area hard to reach or use in the dark conveniently.
  • 【Portable & Fashion】: Every package comes with a lace bag, a charge cable, easy for you to take anywhere you want. Elegant and stylish design, suitable for festivals for friends, relatives
  • 【Save Money】: Equipped with two roller heads, the roller surface has microabrasive particles that remove hard skin quickly and thoroughly.

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