Bunion Corrector & Bunion Relief Protector Sleeves Kit for Women – Treat Pain in Hallux Valgus, Big Toe Joint, Hammer Toe, Toe Separators Spacers Straighteners Splint Aid Surgery Treatment

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Big Toe Strap – Foam lined, soft padded strap helps counteract the strain that causes pain & deformity by gently helping stretch the tendons and muscles around the big toe. Simply place your big toes into the splint and stretch your toes to help straighten.

Gel Pad Bunion Protective Sleeves – Gel padded sleeve is strategically designed to give you targeted relief exactly at the site of your pain. Also features a built-in toe separator which slowly works to realign the big toe all inside a Breathable Elastic Fabric which keeps your toes dry.

Massage Ball- This high density spiky foot massage ball is a great way to increase blood circulation in your foot. Spiky outer layer offers stimulating effect increasing circulation. Deep foot massages also decrease the pain of plantar fasciitis and flat feet. Simply put the ball under the arch of the foot and roll it back and forth slowly and varying the body weight you apply to it, you’re going to work on your tendons and fascia.

Toe Separator with Bunion Guard- Made from Medical-grade gel for safe to use, and can instantly reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain, and protect your bunion from knocks and bumps instantly reliving pain by protecting your bunion, and stopping friction/ pressure building up.

Toe Separator – 100% medical grade silicon helps separate and cushion the big toe and the second toe to prevent rubbing bunion and promotes proper toe alignment.

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At the Foot Relief Shop we understand that a strong foundation is key to good health. Our feet have 25% of bodies muscles and bones and are capable of so much more that what we think. We are here to help you realize the full potential of your feet and have self-confidence when you show them off 😉

  • 8 PIECE SET – Treat your feet with our carefully selected 8 pieces set. Includes massage ball, toe spacers, toe strap, bunion sleeves and bunion guards! The package is designed for bunion Corrector and bunion relief. One Size Fits Most Feet.
  • RESTORE NATURAL ALIGNMENT – By wearing the bunion protectors it will gently realign toes to their natural position. Your toes will feel great when back at their natural alignment. Don’t miss this great offer!
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN – Made from high quality medical grade materials to provide maximum hallux valgus relief. Soft and easy to clean bunion pads can be reused again and again. Bunion toe straightener will last a while.
  • GET BACK TO LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE – The world needs women which means the world needs need you to be your best self. Give your feet this gift and they will thank you by helping you have a strong foundation to stay on!
  • 365 DAY GUARANTEE – As a family owned business we stand behind all our product with a 365 day money back guarantee

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