Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Guide Reveals Techniques to Eliminate Painful Foot Condition

People with plantar fasciitis become frustrated with the lack of clear answers, fluctuating foot pain, and various opinions. This complete guide reviews causes of plantar fasciitis, home therapies, home products, conservative treatments, medical treatments, alternative treatments, and provides effective exercises. The book clearly explains and educates you on available options. Learn about plantar fasciitis, possible treatments, and home solutions in one book from someone who treats it every day.For those who want more answers this book answers why you developed the problem and what other muscles and joints in the kinetic chain could be compromised. When do you ice vs heat? When should you consider orthotics or cortisone injections. Is a night splint worth the sleep loss? How big of a role do bone spurs play in heel pain? The answer will definitely surprise you! What are the most effective treatments for breaking up scar tissue and causing proper tissue healing? Most people will require a few different treatments to resolve their foot pain, but which ones provide the greatest benefit? If you plantar fasciitis started two weeks ago, start icing it several times a day and get a new pair of shoes. It might improve in two weeks and you won’t need this book. However if six months ago you were told the pain would “just go away,” how many more months will you wait before finding the best recommendations and treatments to resolve your daily and worsening pain.